Adam Savage reacts to Ghostbusters fan replicating his custom gear

A few years back, Adam Savage, alongside Ghostbusters: Afterlife prop armorer Ben Eadie, took part in a one-day Proton Pack build, and while very much inspired by the films, Adam added his own signature touch, which amongst various changes, included the addition of an “attenuator,” stationed on one of the ALICE frame’s shoulder straps.

Much to Adam’s surprise, a recent Etsy search turned up a fan-made recreation of his entirely fictitious prop, with today’s video providing a side-by-side comparison that sees the former Mythbuster gleefully beaming, proclaiming, “This kind of thing makes me so, so happy! This is fandom to me,” adding, “It’s like a big hug around the world.”

When Adam built his custom Ghostbusters Proton Pack, he designed and scratch-built a unit to mount on straps to add some extra lights to the front of the pack. Imagine his surprise when he found that a fan had replicated this made-up “attenuator” device and added their own electronics controls! Adam purchased this replica and could not be more excited to compare it to his original build. Well done Shapeforge Props!

If you’d like to grab a Proton Pack attenuator, these ready-to-buy models are currently in stock and available through Shapeforge Props in either ’84 or an animated-style finish, individually priced at $287.

For some added fun, be sure to take a look back at Adam Savage and Ben Eadie’s one-day Proton Pack build, as we’ve got that queued up below.

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