New Ghostbusters fan film ‘Something Strange’ is now streaming

Last fall, RetroShift Digital launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, crowdfunding their Ghostbusters fan film entitled ‘Something Strange,’ with the project being described as “a group of college students’ love letter” to the original films. In today’s update, RetroShift has announced that the short is now online, available to stream through YouTube.

Relying on Elmer Bernstein’s original score, the film introduces us to Carlson, the Ghostbusters’ newest Rookie, who is tasked with going solo on a routine spook check, coming face-to-face with a bone-chilling specter, in addition to encountering some technical difficulties!

When a routine ghost busting job goes awry, it’s up to newcomer Carlson to use his quick thinking to finish the job and get himself to safety.

The film was produced by students at the University of Nebraska, with the Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film being used as the backdrop for the film’s haunted dwelling.

Covering the relatively modest $1,500 goal, the Kickstarter campaign fueled the visual and practical effects, in addition to overall production costs, including its lead, Drew Carlson, who previously performed in stage adaptations of West Side Story, and Ranked, as well as playing a lead role in Anastasia.

When it comes to Ghostbusters fan films, we’d like to remind you that next month, as part of the yearly June 8th Ghostbusters Day celebration, a 7-hour long fan film marathon will stream to audiences worldwide, comprised of classics such as Freddy vs. Ghostbusters, Return of the Ghostbusters, and Ghostbusters: Spilled Milk. For more info on the upcoming stream, click here.

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