NOW STREAMING: The Real Ghostbusters episode ‘Elementary My Dear Winston’

The Real Ghostbusters are back with the episode “Elementary My Dear Winston,” now streaming.

In today’s episode, the fictional spirits of Sherlock Holmes, his associate Dr. Watson and the notorious Moriarty materialize in Manhattan. Moriarty absorbs evil from various modern-day sources, determined to transform into a real, corporal villain.

FUN FACT: Sherlock Homes explained he knew the Ghostbusters’ names by reading their uniform name tags. The name was only visible in this episode on Egon’s tag for the scene, whereas the names are always visible in the live-action versions of the characters. In secondary canon, the name tags could also be seen on the cover of NOW Comic’s “The Real Ghostbusters in Ghostbusters II” Issue #2. (Ghostbusters Wiki)

If you missed the last featured episode of The Real Ghostbusters“Three Men and an Egon,” give it a watch below.

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