Ecto Cooler and Kenner pins, Spirits Unleashed patches + more | Ghostbusters News Fan Mail

It’s time for another installment of Ghostbusters News Fan Mail, and in today’s episode, we unbox some retro-style pins, franchise and video game-inspired patches, and even some marshmallow man fan art!

Before we get to the fan-fueled showcase, we’d, of course, like to send a huge “thank you” to all of those who made this installment possible, including Terror Dogs Inc, GenEric Crystal Designs, longtime supporter Ruckus Tees, Arkham Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters Virginia, and fellow fan, Chad Weaver.

While it’s rather apparent that the Ecto Cooler pin from GenEric Crystal Designs is a new favorite, I can’t wait to decorate a Proton Pack’s motherboard with Terror Dog Inc‘s spooktacular spectral Real Ghostbusters stickers and, of course, add all of these patches to the ever-growing Ghostbusters collection!

Do you want to send something to the Ghostbusters News HQ? All parcels and envelopes can be sent here:

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If you happened to have missed out on our previous fan mail feature, which included a Ghostbusters x Transformers Autobot Matrix and some hand-sculpted Real Ghostbusters-inspired toys, give it a watch below:

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