Trailer released for fan film ‘Ghostbusters: Assault on Florence’ with proceeds set to benefit a children’s hospital

Something strange is coming to Florence, but luckily, Italy’s branch of paranormal exterminators is there to answer the call, as seen in the upcoming and highly anticipated fan film, Ghostbusters: Assault on Florence.

In today’s update, those behind the passion project, the team at Gens Florentiae, sent over a press release announcing a September release window, in addition to an incredibly well-produced trailer highlighted by various ghosts and, of course, ghost-busting.

Before you ask, while all the dialogue is in Italian, we can confirm that when released, Ghostbusters: Assault on Florence will include English subtitles, and if anything, like past Italian-based fan offerings, namely REAL! A Ghostbusters Tale and Ghostbusters Italia, this will be one you won’t want to miss!

With a production schedule that lasted over a year, the project was a labor of love for the crew, especially given the decision to keep it non-commercial, with 100% of all of the funds raised, including tickets for independent screenings, going to benefit the Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence.

As part of the previously announced Ghost Week Celebration, ambassadors behind this charity-driven project, including president Renato Di Marcantonio, board member Elisabetta Venturini, and associate Bruno Zangara will travel to the United States, taking part in the celebration at New York City’s Hook & Ladder 8, meeting with firefighters, presenting a final, English sub-titled trailer.

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