A look back at the rare ‘Real Ghostbusters’ bootleg toyline ‘Spook Chasers’

When there is something unusual in your hometown, who should ya contact? Spook Chasers, of course!

In today’s feature, we’re taking it back to the 1980s for an in-hand look at arguably the rarest assortment of Ghostbusters action figures ever made, and that’s pretty remarkable, especially considering that these weren’t licensed nor endorsed by Columbia Pictures, instead, serving as knock-offs of Kenner’s highly popular The Real Ghostbusters toys!

Arriving on store shelves in the late 1980s (well, namely in Sweden) and made by Sungold, Spook Chasers have gone on to become holy grails for collectors, with our newest video FINALLY including an in-hand look at these cease and desist-renditions of Peter, Egon, Ray, and Winston, in addition to previewing some of Fantazm Toys‘ latest surprise offerings!

As featured, for those who’d like to add some much-needed spookiness to their Ghostbusters collection, Fantazm Toys just launched a new assortment of figures which recreate Spook Chasers‘ pack-ins, comprised of the recently named Fanger, Pop-Eyes, Swirly, and Smiler.

Appearing highly close to the originals, Fantazm’s take on the foursome boasts some notable improvements, including Smiler now being able to fit atop Egon’s head, a feat not possible in Sungold’s release, along with each ghost being custom dyed to match what’s seen on the original card art.

Scaling perfectly alongside Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters or Sungold’s Spook Chasers, you can now order Fanger, Pop-Eyes, Swirly, and Smiler either indivdually, or as part of a discounted limited time only four-pack. There’s also a must-have Spook Chasers tee, available in either card art purple or black.

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