Ghostbusters sequel star gives first look at internal film crew logo

We’re only two weeks away from this year’s Ghostbusters Day celebration, and as anticipation continues to build, a star of the upcoming sequel has given fans their first look at the film’s internal crew logo, with the design taking inspiration from the long-since-used roundel symbol.

As featured in a recent Instagram story from Emily Alyn Lind, the design keeps the iconic logo intact, only adding a blue bar, a clever nod to the London Underground logo. Paired with “FIREHOUSE,” the film’s working title, along with “UK CREW 2023,” the hat worn by Lind, immediately caught fans’ attention.

In addition to the hat, Lind edited the image, covering up what appears to be a clothes rack (possible spoiler, maybe?), adding the tagline, “Who ya gonna call,” with the photo taken seemingly inside a film production trailer.

Of course, it didn’t take long for fans to provide their own take on the logo, which will likely soon be available unofficially as patches, pins, and vinyl stickers, across the fan community, with franchise group Ghostbusters Mania posting the below.

Taking place on June 8th, this year’s Ghostbusters Day will commemorate the 39th anniversary of the franchise, and while news and reveals are expected, in particular, surrounding the untitled sequel, and likely the previously announced animated feature and Netflix series, at this time, Columbia Pictures Ghost Corps is keeping all details under wraps.

Rounding back to the fans, this year’s celebration is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet, with Ghostbusters Italia recently announcing the community-driven celebration Ghost Week International, The Real Ohio Ghostbusters’ 7-hour fan film marathon and New York City’s Hook & Ladder 8 firehouse playing host to The Buffalo Ghostbusters yearly fundraiser

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